Vera Hofmann Netherlands Event (2018 member) by car/public transport
Marieke Hommels Specify: Event (The Hague staff)
Hans Broeks Netherlands Event (new member) by train
Aart Brezet Specify: Event (2018 member) By Car
Markos Perrakis Specify: Event (new member) Arrival: 12/9 at 09:10 to Schiphol (AMS)
Departure: 16/09 at
10:00 from Schiphol (AMS)
Anne Radford Specify: Event (2018 member) Via Amsterdam -coming w Joep de Jong on Wednesday afternoon and leaving w him on Friday afternoon.
miriam subirana Specify: Event (2018 member) from Barcelona
Aukje Warners Belgium Event (2018 member) By car
Yvonne Bonner Specify: Event (2018 member) arrive on Wednesday at 12:45 on the 12th of september at Schiphol and leave on Saturday 15th of september from Schiphol at 8:25
Eleftheria Egel Germany Event (2018 member)
alice bijker Netherlands Event (new member)
Cees Hoogendijk Netherlands Event (2018 member)
Joep C de Jong Netherlands Event (2018 member) By motorbike
Cora Reijerse Netherlands Event (2018 member) Nvt